*weekly photo challenge –


I like to have my reflections lying down.

Here at home, I like to think lying down on our bed. We live in a house that is all wood, everything is in off white with bits of light brown, tall ceilings, big french windows: every room is full of light and breeze.


It gives me peace and clarity of mind. Besides, I have (as many) my most clever ideas just when I’m waking up and this is my canvas to think on.

This is my every day scenario, but my ultimate place of zen is El Retiro park. I used to go at least twice a week, skate for an hour or so, then lie down tired in the grass, reading the book du jour and then I just lie down there looking at where the sky should be, swallowing it all in: the light that barely made it through the branches, the breeze kindly drying my sweat and the deafening silence of the birds communicating.

tree ceiling

I hope you find moments of zen every time you can, they’re awesome to recharge your batteries, to find meaning out of impossible situations, to boost your creative side and most importantly: to give you the peace so needed to be happy, cause as Abed perfectly put on Christmas Infiltration: ♪ “we have to be happy to get to the end” ♪

2012-07-03 11.48.57

Have a nice week, don’t mind Monday: is nothing but a day.

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