*Phoneography Challenge (Weekly Photo Challenge)

I live in a place where you can’t find your all time famous four weather seasons. Here you get two months of dry season, which resembles summer, and goes from late January to mid March. This is the season where you get to go to the beach, go camping, get married (We did!), do everything outdoors. The rainy season is just that: a ten month (feels like ever) lasting rainy autumn.

We are living the dry season right now, and I couldn’t be more excited, not only because I’m on vacation, and I get to read on the afternoons lying on the grass enjoying the breeze and the kind sun, but because March 15th marks my birthday and that’s the most wonderful day in the year 😉

2013-01-23 16.44.51

Finding a tree in the capital city of my country is a miracle; but there are still some areas where nature cohabitates with humans, and there’s where my hubby and I decided to live, and we are incredible happy here, especially in the dry season.

I give you: Diablo.

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