Life of the town (Day Three: Water)

The journey of a river

This vertical shot wants to follow the journey of a river from its origin in the mountains in the background, to the town houses along its way and the ones in the foreground; using the lively green it builds as railing. It reminds me that, effectively: Water is life. 😉

As an experiment…

I also took the horizontal version of the scene, where you get more of the town houses the river washes, and less from the mountains where it comes from. And I guess that’s exactly why I don’t like this one as much: I rather focus on nature rather than on humans for peace and quiet.

How do you see the bodies of water in your life?


The road ahead (Day Two: Street)

Looking out and forward to what the road has in store for us in our road trip and in our life.

It’s so peaceful when you can get a shot of a highway without cars, but also a reminder that everything is always up to you: keep going, stopping, changing lanes, etc.
This was during our anniversary and we also, when thinking of our future, ask ourselves: what’s beyond that hill? 😉
How do the streets of your life look like?

Home – Photo 101

I used to think ‘home’ meant the place where I was born and raised. I had too many bad experiences there, so I’ve always been looking for a new definition.
Twenty years after I left the place where I was born and raised; many countries, many relationships, and many experiences later; I define ‘home’ as the place where my loved ones are, where I’m happy and, specially, where I can sit with a book and read it in complete peace. 😉

Heartbleed Security Update

The Blog

Last week, a very serious bug in OpenSSL was disclosed.  OpenSSL, a set of open source tools to handle secure communication, is used by most Internet websites.  This bug, nicknamed Heartbleed, allowed an attacker to read sensitive information from vulnerable servers and possibly steal things like passwords, cookies, and encryption keys.

Was vulnerable to Heartbleed?

Yes. servers were running the latest version of OpenSSL, which was vulnerable. We generally run the latest version of OpenSSL to enable performance enhancements, such as SPDY, for our users. The non-vulnerable versions of OpenSSL were over two years old.

Has fixed the issue?

Yes. We patched all of our servers within a few hours of the public disclosure.

Has replaced all SSL certificates and private keys?

Yes. Out of an abundance of caution, we have replaced all of our SSL certificates, along with regenerating all of the associated…

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Lunchtime* with what I could find in the kitchen

*weekly photo challenge
Monday is the day we go groceries shopping. My hubby is still busy with work, but I was STARVING, so I put this together:


It’s not quite aglio&olio pasta because we don’t have parsley, and I throw a poached egg to make it richer with the delicious liquid yolk.




It was delicious.
Have a nice week, don’t mind monday: it’s nothing but a day.

I’m gonna try this alternative: WordPress Reader!

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The big news on the internet the last couple of days has been that seminal RSS reader Google Reader will be shutting down on July 1, 2013. Google Reader had lots of fans, including many of us here at Automattic, but it’s time to move on.

Speaking of moving on from Google Reader, did you know that you can import your subscriptions directly from Google Reader into the Reader? We launched the Reader about 18 months ago; it’s responsive to fit any size screen, you can like and reblog content without leaving the news stream, and if you run out of new posts to read, you can discover new content in the Recommended Blogs section.

To import your subscriptions, just visit the Reader import page; you’ll be reading your feeds in the Reader in three clicks or less, or your money back.



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*Phoneography Challenge (Weekly Photo Challenge)

I live in a place where you can’t find your all time famous four weather seasons. Here you get two months of dry season, which resembles summer, and goes from late January to mid March. This is the season where you get to go to the beach, go camping, get married (We did!), do everything outdoors. The rainy season is just that: a ten month (feels like ever) lasting rainy autumn.

We are living the dry season right now, and I couldn’t be more excited, not only because I’m on vacation, and I get to read on the afternoons lying on the grass enjoying the breeze and the kind sun, but because March 15th marks my birthday and that’s the most wonderful day in the year 😉

2013-01-23 16.44.51

Finding a tree in the capital city of my country is a miracle; but there are still some areas where nature cohabitates with humans, and there’s where my hubby and I decided to live, and we are incredible happy here, especially in the dry season.

I give you: Diablo.

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Veo veo que ves? Abstraction*

*Weekly Writing Challenge –

This challenge is just perfect for me. I get the chance to participate in a challenge with a topic I love,  to integrate some of my Instagram photos, and to talk to you about “veo veo que ves?”

Veo veo que ves? is a game where I show you a piece/section of a photo, and you need to guess what is the photo about. Which section of the photo I show you would determine how difficult the challenge would be.

I used to post a new challenge once a week on my instagram, and the answer for it at the end of the same week. I’m trying to get back to that rutine again.

I discovered this game on a tv channel, which I can’t even remember, sixteen years ago or so. They used to show a zoomed section of a photo before going to commercials; and they’ll show you the answer when they were back from commercials. I LOVED it!

I’ve always been obsessed with macro as well, and how you can feel the texture of the objects in those type of shots; so it’s a game I enjoy very much.

I’ll leave you with a new photo, exclusive for this post. Let’s see how many of you would get it right. What can we see in this picture?

130313 WP veo veo que ves P1010279

Sorry, I’m a bit late. Here’s the answer:

130318 WP veo veo que ves answer P1010279

I hope you guys liked it and play with your friends as well. Greetings, and happy blogging!


*weekly photo challenge –


I like to have my reflections lying down.

Here at home, I like to think lying down on our bed. We live in a house that is all wood, everything is in off white with bits of light brown, tall ceilings, big french windows: every room is full of light and breeze.


It gives me peace and clarity of mind. Besides, I have (as many) my most clever ideas just when I’m waking up and this is my canvas to think on.

This is my every day scenario, but my ultimate place of zen is El Retiro park. I used to go at least twice a week, skate for an hour or so, then lie down tired in the grass, reading the book du jour and then I just lie down there looking at where the sky should be, swallowing it all in: the light that barely made it through the branches, the breeze kindly drying my sweat and the deafening silence of the birds communicating.

tree ceiling

I hope you find moments of zen every time you can, they’re awesome to recharge your batteries, to find meaning out of impossible situations, to boost your creative side and most importantly: to give you the peace so needed to be happy, cause as Abed perfectly put on Christmas Infiltration: ♪ “we have to be happy to get to the end” ♪

2012-07-03 11.48.57

Have a nice week, don’t mind Monday: is nothing but a day.