The joy of a great meal with friends paired with the exquisite wine from Italy and the food designed and developed by my best friend. It doesn’t get better than this when it comes to a culinary experience.

I give you the pairing and each plate for the food porn enthusiast in you and me. 😉


Smoked grouper fish carpaccio with mango salad with a Villa Antinori Bianco


Smoked grouper fish carpaccio with mango salad


Grilled Involtino de Radicchio with bacon and creamy pesto


Grilled Involtino de Radicchio with bacon and creamy pesto with Peppoli Chianti Classico


Open ravioli with veal ragu and Porcini mushrooms sauce with Badia a Passignano


Open ravioli with veal ragu and Porcini mushrooms sauce


Braised Short Rib in balsamic with polenta


Braised Short Rib braseado in balsamic with polenta (with Tignanello 2009)


Epic Tignanello 2009 😉

(We had Tiramisu strudel for dessert. There’s no picture of it, but trust me, it was delicious)


Lunchtime* with what I could find in the kitchen

*weekly photo challenge
Monday is the day we go groceries shopping. My hubby is still busy with work, but I was STARVING, so I put this together:


It’s not quite aglio&olio pasta because we don’t have parsley, and I throw a poached egg to make it richer with the delicious liquid yolk.




It was delicious.
Have a nice week, don’t mind monday: it’s nothing but a day.

Veo veo que ves? Abstraction*

*Weekly Writing Challenge –

This challenge is just perfect for me. I get the chance to participate in a challenge with a topic I love,  to integrate some of my Instagram photos, and to talk to you about “veo veo que ves?”

Veo veo que ves? is a game where I show you a piece/section of a photo, and you need to guess what is the photo about. Which section of the photo I show you would determine how difficult the challenge would be.

I used to post a new challenge once a week on my instagram, and the answer for it at the end of the same week. I’m trying to get back to that rutine again.

I discovered this game on a tv channel, which I can’t even remember, sixteen years ago or so. They used to show a zoomed section of a photo before going to commercials; and they’ll show you the answer when they were back from commercials. I LOVED it!

I’ve always been obsessed with macro as well, and how you can feel the texture of the objects in those type of shots; so it’s a game I enjoy very much.

I’ll leave you with a new photo, exclusive for this post. Let’s see how many of you would get it right. What can we see in this picture?

130313 WP veo veo que ves P1010279

Sorry, I’m a bit late. Here’s the answer:

130318 WP veo veo que ves answer P1010279

I hope you guys liked it and play with your friends as well. Greetings, and happy blogging!