Nutrition (Day Eight: Natural World)


Baby guanabana

I felt in love with the appearance of this baby guanabana, which is about the size of a baseball or tennis ball.

I loved the concentric orientation that show us where it all starts: how the tree creates its produce and provides it with its meat and nutrients; taking from its environment and feeding it to the fruit until it is full grown, about the size of a basketball.

The next pic is how it looks full grown. Here we have also awesome leading lines from the branches and how the tree decided to thread them in order to support its produce. 😉


Full grown guanabana


Life of the town (Day Three: Water)

The journey of a river

This vertical shot wants to follow the journey of a river from its origin in the mountains in the background, to the town houses along its way and the ones in the foreground; using the lively green it builds as railing. It reminds me that, effectively: Water is life. 😉

As an experiment…

I also took the horizontal version of the scene, where you get more of the town houses the river washes, and less from the mountains where it comes from. And I guess that’s exactly why I don’t like this one as much: I rather focus on nature rather than on humans for peace and quiet.

How do you see the bodies of water in your life?